Daily Prompt: Meander



I meander through this world of lies

Tears welling in my eyes

I’m holding Your hand

Walking the land

You’re always near

That much is clear

You keep me safe

From so much strafe

When pain comes near

It’s You I hear

To the horrible stuff

It leaves me buff

The enemy strikes

With painful spikes

Taking my breath away

There’s nothing I can say

Except the name of Jesus

Which always frees us

Not from the troubles of life

He saves our souls from worldly strife

When we’re silent in mediation

There’s no need for medication

The Spirit overwhelms you

The Holy Spirit compels you

To share love

From the One above

Give it all up

I know it’s tough

True love is rough

But there’s never enough

So love your neighbor as yourself

Even when they don’t love themself

Show the trodden God’s grace

Do what you can to change this place

Where Satan reigns

Let God unlock your chains

Let the Power of God flow through you

Let the Holy Spirit renew you

Stand your ground

You are no longer bound

To sin the way the world is

The Bible does confirm this

Lay up treasures in heaven above

With beautiful actions of unconditional love

The world definitely needs more of that

More love and caring, and a lot less spat

Seek Him while He can still be found

Seek Him before you’re put in the ground

He’s waiting for you to turn around

He’s planning on giving you a beautiful crown

We’ll thank Him and give it right back

We’re learning how, while being attacked

Fall into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ

His love cannot ever be priced

I’ll keep praying for your heart

I see it’s torn apart

This isn’t all there is, be assured

By your faith, you can be cured

Thank You Jesus for all You are

For lessons in each and every scar

I wear my scars like badges

Jesus heals them all like magic

So, I’ll meander through this life of trouble

As the blessings in heaven are more than double

There’s so much here we don’t even see

Jesus protect us, I’m on bended knee

Come soon Lord, save us from here

Every eye will see You, every ear will hear

Until You come we’ll run this race

Until we see You face to face


By Lindsey Thomas


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