All Who Meander Are not Lost

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All who wander are not lost. All who meander are not lost.

We all have our own paths to walk in life. Some paths are straight forward. Some have curvy ups and downs. Some wind back and forth like a snake. Some are plunged into deep water. Some exit the atmosphere. I don’t know where my path is going to end, but I can tell you that my path has been quite the ride. Image result for winding path

I have so many wonderful memories to look back on. I’m thankful for the beautiful moments of the past. I’m thankful for the future I haven’t seen also, because I put my life in God’s hands a long time ago and He sees me through some pretty crazy stuff.

Like when Google led us through the snake-like windy road from The Albion Cove off the coast of Northern California headed to Sugarloaf Ridge outside of Santa Rosa. Twisting and turning with a suburban and trailer full of our most precious cargo. Our five kids, and 4 dogs (at the time, now 3 dogs). A trailer full of food, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, and cookware. Thanks to the advancement of technology, a map of where I wanted to go was a just a simple click away. Guiding us with her pleasant feminine voice directly to a travelers’ worst nightmare.

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16% downgrade, weaving down through the contorting unknown road given to us by our boundless tech. It was like Bob’s Road or something. I’ll give this to Google, it was the shortest route. However, our brakes didn’t like constraining all the weight pushing on the Suburban. Would you like to know what happens when the brakes overheat?

The vehicle stops running. Just shuts itself right off.

The family: Emergency! Emergency! We need brakes to stop from driving off this cliff to certain death!

Suburban: Mmmyeh…..Sorry, not this time. I think I’ll just…ZzzZzzZzz


So here we are winding down a downgrade of 16%, which doesn’t seem significant until you have a couple of tons pushing your vehicle from behind with just plain ol’ gravity. Everything in the Suburban shuts down. My husband says, “I just lost the brakes!” In a panicked voice as he pumped his foot on and off of the brakes and the pedal touched the floorboard repeatedly to no avail. Panic.

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Since normally I’m kind of a spazoid, I was surprised at my calm demeanor.

“E-brake.” I reminded him.

He was able to get us pulled into the next dirt driveway with a bit of a turnout. The moments when the brakes weren’t working seemed to take forever. Those few seconds, winding down that snake like narrow road, when my stomach was in my throat were absolutely terrifying. Yet, we managed to pull through, and now I have a miraculous story to share. Praise God!

I have many stories like that. I’m so glad to be one who meanders through life, even if some people don’t agree with the way I live. I would rather be wrong in the eyes of man and right in the sight of God, than vice versa.

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My path isn’t straight, by far. It’s like the Superman roller coaster ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Terrifying yet exhilarating. Full of faith and hope in the things unseen. Sometimes life takes my breathe away in a good way. Sometimes it frightens me to the point of losing my ability to breath. I cry and scream, perhaps at others or myself, but I always cry out to the One who can save me. Jesus Christ!


 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” 

Deuteronomy 3:16


Resting in the promises of God allows meandering. It allows exploration and punching through the box, then running wild with the Spirit of God to protect you from this insane world. God isn’t containable. He’s created His children to be free.



Please share a story in the comments about how God has helped you through a difficult situation, or relationship.

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2 thoughts on “All Who Meander Are not Lost

  1. Long ago and far away in Outback Australia my husband and I and our two children aged 4 and 2 were traveling up the Dingo track toward a 3 million acre sheep station. There was no Google or GPS to lead us astray. We had been given very clear directions that we were to have two days of water and food and under NO circumstances to leave out campervan if we broke down. If we did they would come down the track and look for us. So we followed that advice. After several hours on this bumpy and red dusty track we saw a vehicle coming toward us. It was a big tractor. It stopped. We stopped. We got out and the tractor driver got out. He was surprised to see us. He was just going along the track repairing the Dingo fence where necessary. We spent about half an hour talking to him. There was no rush and we were just as interested in hearing about his life as he was in hearing about why two Canadians were travelling with their young kids in the Outback. It was one of life’s wonderful little interludes. So a Higher Power did not save us from disaster but gave us a ‘time stood still’ moment of connection with another human of a kind we might not have had anywhere else.

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  2. Douglas and I drove from Santa Clara to Los Angeles, both in California, to see my grandson graduate from college. It is a very hilly and mountainous route, so it meant seeing a lot of air and being scared. On the day he graduated, our brakes gave out in downtown LA. Douglas used the handbrake to get us back to our hotel, but at a stop sign, we heard the sound of something falling off the car. We had the car towed to Meineke’s the next day. Imagine our surprise when the guy told us we should never have been able to make the trip, because the brakes were gone. It was a brake pad that fell off at the stop sign! He said that we should buy a lottery ticket because we were very lucky to be alive coming over the mountains and the brakes did not fail. It costs us over $800 to get them fixed to go home. I knew that God was with us, but this really brought it home. We still marvel at the fact that we drove through LA traffic with just the hand brake, six fast lanes. But there is nothing too hard for God.

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